June 2018

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Subscribers Only - There are no free passes under the STC process because when it comes to hardware, manufacturers still need to prove that a product will reliably perform in a wide variety of temperature and other environmental conditions.

Still Want An Icon A5 Amphib?

When I made my products-to-see checklist before launching for Sun Ďn Fun last month, Iconís A5 never made it on and it should have. But in my world it was an easy chore to drop because Icon went silent. There had been no press releases in my inbox and little if any industry chatter since the high-profile fatal crash of Roy Halladay last year. So when it dawned upon me while cruising home that Icon wasnít even at Sun Ďn Fun, I thought about all of the delivery positions that Icon was to begin filling, and also some of our readers who slapped down deposit money to get on the list for an A5. Whatís going on at Icon?

Letters: June 2018

Probably most important in my decision is that I do not see myself flying alone much of the time. I love to share the joys of flight with friends and family. With a total passenger weight (conservatively) at 165 pounds each for a total of 330 pounds, and a total aircraft useful load of 425 pounds, youíre left to choose between fuel or baggageóitís mostly one or the other.

EFIS Market Scan: Some Price Breaks

Garmin didnít sit on its hands and scored an AML-STC for its experimental G5 electronic flight instrument, offering it as a primary mini-PFD and also a version thatís a standalone electronic DG/HSI. Both are integral components to Garminís entry-level GFC500 autopilot.

Home Flight Sims: FlyThisSim Is A Top Pick

Subscribers Only - Flight simulators of various sorts have been around since the Wright brothers started their flight school. They were, and are, based on the premise that an airplane cockpit is a lousy classroom, so learning what you can about flying an airplane in a device on the ground will help you learn faster when in the airplane itselfóreducing training costs.

Flight Design CTLSi GT: Refined Integration

Subscribers Only - If youíre still hanging onto the notion that LSAs arenít real airplanes then refocus and put your eyeballs on the 2018 CTLSi GT. Before even flying one, it was easy for me to affirm that it is indeed a credible, upscale, go-places LSA traveler with combined systems that make it one of the most modern piston singles on the market.

Levil BOM: Wind-Powered Backup

Subscribers Only - To avoid being driven to the ragged edge of sanity by the profusion of ever-specialized avionics, we like to sort this stuff into bite-sized categories. the latest is one we would have never predicted: the wing-mounted, self-powered AHRS. As if one wasnít enough, there are actually two of these devices, the Levil Aviation BOM weíre reviewing in this report and a new product called the WingBug, which weíll examine in a future report.

Hard-Landing Damage: Firewall, Gear Repairs

Subscribers Only - Sooner or later your used aircraft search will find an airplane thatís suffered a so-called hard landing. While thatís the sugarcoated word for damage history, in some circumstances this is hardly a deal breaker. Other times, itís best to walk away, especially if the damage has gone unnoticed or left unrepaired.

Bad Elf Wombat: Portable Data Burner

Wouldnít it be so much easier to fetch Jeppesen databases on the fly with a tablet or smartphone? Instead, you log into your Jeppesen account on a desktop or laptop computer (what was the #%$! password?), transfer the data to the datacard and then bring the card back to the airplane. While this sounds like it should be easier than it is, some pilots dread the monthly data update chore like a trip to the dentist.

Bellanca Viking

Subscribers Only - These days itís hard to imagine that a wood and fabric four-place piston single like the Bellanca Viking still exists, but it does. And although there arenít great squadrons of them around, the Viking retains a loyal, almost cultish following.