Ask a Tech: Oil Temp, Mode C Issues

A Lycoming on a Skyhawk runs hot and the altitude reporting system in a Mooney is intermittently erroneous, getting the FAA’s attention.

DeltaHawk Update: Two New Jet-A Variants

Using the same block as the DHK180, DeltaHawk is working on two follow-on engines with more max continuous power.

Four-Place STOL: Look Beyond Macho

If you want utility and ability without blowing up the budget, one of these four-place STOL-capable machines might be right for you.

Aithre Altus Turbo: Built-In O2 Generator

No bottles or batteries required. Aithre’s aircraft-powered oxygen maker generates breathing oxygen for two users at altitudes up to 15,000 feet.

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Unleaded Avgas Flyoff in a Beech Baron

Aviation Consumer magazine went to GAMI headquarters in Oklahoma and made multiple multi-hour flights in the 6-cylinder Continental IO-520-powered AOPA Beech Baron.