Ceramic Coating: Worth the Effort, Price

Three years later, the ceramic coating on our test bed continues to impress, but it’s time for some light cleaning and touchup work.

Panel Planner 101: Light IFR Cessna 150

A straightforward and budget-minded retrofit can bring a well-cared-for personal trainer up to modern standards with room to grow.

Ask a Tech: Low Fuel Pressure, Static Leaks

A newly overhauled Lycoming IO-360 with notably low fuel pressure needs logical troubleshooting, while a Cherokee has a nagging pitot/static system leak.

ForeFlight Sensor-Based Turbulence Reporting

Using sensors in the ForeFlight Sentry and Sentry Plus ADS-B receivers, the latest Reported Turbulence feature betters forecasted turbulence data.

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Garmin GNS 430: Throwaway or Keeper?

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