Building a Hangar Checklist

Your research into building a hangar should include getting answers to at least the following questions, many of which are outlined on Erect-A-Tube‘s website:

1. What are the Airport Minimum Standards regarding hangar construction?
2. What are the construction, permitting and inspection standards for all political entities with jurisdiction over the hangar?
3. Will the hangar impinge on runway protected airspace or ATC control tower sightlines?
4. What are the land lease terms?
5. Will hangar ownership revert at the end of a lease?
6. What are the exact site dimensions?
7. What are the exact building dimensions?
8. Are detailed engineering drawings included in the price? They may be required for permitting.
9. How much wing and tail clearance do you need inside the hangar—vertically and horizontally?
10. Is the eave the correct height to provide proper clearance for the hangar door?
11. How much available opening height is lost to the door when it is in the open position—is there still adequate tail clearance?
12. Whose hangar door is supplied by the building manufacturer?
13. Who is responsible if the building and door do not align properly?
14. How is the door being supported and is the building properly engineered for that method of support?
15. Where is the hangar door operating control mounted?
16. Is there a remote control for operating the hangar door?
17. Is there a human door through the hangar door? If so, what are the specifications and where is the door operating mechanism in relation to the human door? Is it a trip hazard in the dark?
18. What structural components are used in fabricating the hangar door?
19. How many wall girts and partition girts are included in the building price?
20. Are main frame uprights on 20- or 25-foot centers?
21. How much roof overhang is needed to protect against drips when using the human door(s)?
22. What is the tensile strength of the exterior wall and roof sheeting?
23. How many anchor bolts are used with each column?
24. What is the warranty on the exterior sheeting?
25. What is the paint warranty?
26. Can the structure stand alone without the need of diaphragm action from the exterior sheets?
27. How will the site drain?
28. Will foundation drains be needed?