Dynon FastTrack: Save Time, Guesswork

Whether it's a SkyView HDX Certified suite or the experimental version, Dynon's prefab install hardware can reduce downtime and errors.

The shop labor portion of a Dynon or Garmin avionics project is a big number, partly because of the effort to install the remote components that are part of a glass suite. Known for streamlining the installation of its SkyView suite with prefab harnesses, Dynon now has FastTrack Essentials—a preassembled avionics mounting system that’s supposed to take the guesswork out of properly installing the remote component in SkyView Certified and experimental systems. We got a hands-on demo from Dynon’s Michael Schofield at Sun ‘n Fun this past spring.


FastTrack came from the feedback it got from IA mechanics who install the SkyView HDX in certified aircraft—uncharted territory for the mechanic and for Dynon, a company with deep roots in experimental applications. But one of the many things the company learned from these installers (who are listed by name on the STC) is that installing critical components like ADAHRS, magnetometers, remote backup batteries and ADS-B modules is time- consuming, and creates some bit of guesswork. 

Where and how should they be mounted for supportability and best performance? Troubleshooting a broken system is made more trying when remote components aren’t easily accessible.

But we think FastTrack is a good way to contain the components for accessibility since they’re all located on one tray, and with predrilled nut plates, the installation is shortened considerably. No metal work required—unbox the components and screw them onto the mounting tray, and then plug in the preassembled harnesses.


The FastTrack Essentials packages are available in both VFR and IFR configurations and include a modular mounting tray for the HDX800 and HDX1100 EFIS displays. These trays are one-piece systems to house the remote accessories that support a given HDX suite. There’s also a com/transponder module mounting kit for housing components behind the center avionics stack.

The interface also includes the components networked together with a wiring hub and prefab network harnesses. The EMS to ADAHRS/ARINC Module Stacking Kit can be used to attach either an ADAHRS or an ARINC-429 module directly to the top of the EMS module. This kit provides the gold-alodined aluminum module stacking plate and all of the hardware needed to stack and install the modules. This means the installer won’t have to design and fabricate mounting brackets for the SkyView electronic modules.


The $1995 VFR package comes with the EMS-220 engine monitoring

module, ADSB-472 ADS-B In receiver, harness kit and SkyView network hub and harness kit; the $2565 IFR package adds the SV-ARINC-429 module for connecting IFR GPS navigators to the suite. The Stacking Kit is cheap at $39. 

Visit www.dynonavionics.com.

See a video on the Dynon FastTrack at http://tinyurl.com/j95ht2a.

Larry Anglisano
Editor in Chief Larry Anglisano has been a staple at Aviation Consumer since 1995. An active land, sea and glider pilot, Larry has over 30 years’ experience as an avionics repairman and flight test pilot. He’s the editorial director overseeing sister publications Aviation Safety magazine, IFR magazine and is a regular contributor to KITPLANES magazine with his Avionics Bootcamp column.