Lynx Transponder Applications at a Glance

From top to bottom: The FIS-B graphical winds and temperature application presents a basic moving map display with ownship position overlay (based on internal WAAS GPS position), plus the ability to selectively overlay winds and temperatures aloft at desired flight levels.

FIS-B textual data application shows AIRMETs, METARs, NOTAMs, SIGMETs, SPECI and TAF data. NEXRAD FIS-B radar can also be selected, while the age of the image is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Lynx has an interesting traffic information data window which is accessed by tapping an onscreen traffic target. The expanded window shows a variety of information including the flight ID of the selected aircraft, the type of aircraft and its calculated groundspeed.

A dedicated traffic page shows a bird’s-eye view of ADS-B traffic symbology. The NGT9000+ with internal TAS processor can use an existing L-3 Skywatch directional antenna and much of the existing Skywatch wiring. It also saves the weight of a remote Skywatch processor.