Letters: April 2014

In the March 2014 issue of Aviation Consumer, you covered the latest version of Garmin’s Pilot tablet app along with the new GDL39 3D attitude indicator display. While the article reported on the more modern appearance and other new features within the app, you didn’t note that the colors on the trip planning and flight planning screens changed to a much darker gray from the previous lighter color. The text labels for each field are nearly impossible to read when set against the new darker screen, especially when viewed in a bright cockpit.

On two recent flights I had to take the iPad mini out of its cradle and place it in the shade between the seats and down near the trim wheel to enter an ATC amendment to my flight plan. I never had this problem with the previous version, and since these two screens cannot be resized, we have to work with what we’ve got.

Also gone from the new version is the ability to adjust the brightness of the screen from within the application. For a company that prides itself on ease of use and functionality, this is a major blunder.
Michael Gordon
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Garmin’s Jessica Koss replies: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It is our desire to develop an application that provides easy access to pertinent information to pilots, which enhances their flying experience. We plan to readdress the darker text issue reported ASAP.

Regarding the ability to adjust brightness within Garmin Pilot, in iOS 7 Apple launched a Control Center that is available by swiping up on the device. The Control Center includes Brightness, Settings, Calculator and other additional controls. Garmin Pilot takes advantage of this new feature in iOS 7 and allows customers to adjust screen brightness from the main Control Center.”

A while back, you guys reported on the Bendix King myWingMan tablet app. Now that I’m back in the air, I want to try myWingMan on my iPad. I can’t seem to find it in the Apple store. Where can I get it?

Jesse Merchant
via email

You can’t get it. According to Bendix King’s Paul Hathaway: “After much reflection on the myWingMan product we did not feel that it fully represents the value and quality that Bendix King provides to pilots worldwide on a daily basis. As such we have done the right thing and have removed it from the App store and are in the process of issuing full refunds to all paying subscribers. We are proactively contacting them.
This is a difficult decision for us, but also one that allows Bendix King to focus on providing a better EFB product at a future date. Truth be told, there are some very interesting product announcements coming up and we need a different long-term EFB strategy to complement them.”

Van’s rv12 LSA
Kudos to Larry Anglisano for a thorough flight review of the Van’s RV-12 in your March issue. I have to ask, is it really that easy to remove and reinstall the wings and put the aircraft on a trailer? Seems like a hassle to me. You should have covered it.

Richard Vanguard
via email

We didn’t try it, but Van’s told us the wing removal and reinstallation process is accomplished in a few minutes. Loading it onto a trailer might not be so easy.
grumman CHIGGER?

I just finished reading your used aircraft coverage of the Grumman Tiger. I have owned a couple of Tigers, including the one I own now, which is actually a Cheetah that was Tigerized (including the spar) a number of years ago by Fletcher Aviation. I call the airplane a Chigger.

Your article was pretty much right on except for the AD note you mentioned on the hollow crankshaft. The Tiger uses a Lycoming O-360-A4K, which has a solid crankshaft, thus this AD does not apply to any stock Tiger. That’s the reason the MT electric prop is the only way we can have a CS prop on a stock Tiger.

Claude Allen
Green Cove Springs, Florida

Which air filter?
How about an objective article comparing the Bracket, Donaldson and Challenger air filters? There’s often argument about conflicting claims and benefits.

Mike Skrez
via email

We’re actually collecting samples now, so stand by for a review.