Letters: 12/04

Dakota Data
Thank you for your review of the Piper Cherokee 235/236 line of airplanes. (See October, 2004 issue.) This line-until now-has been one of the best kept secret values in used aircraft. I found your review to be comprehensive, accurate and helpful to one who is looking for the best value in a heavy hauler.

I would like to add one more group to your list of resources: The Cherokee 235/236 Owners Group has a Website dedicated to these airplanes and is a wealth of information specific to these models. There are no access fees or restrictions to the site and the Web-board forums are informative and allow owners of these models to share their experiences as we’ll as communicate with each other.

Our members have helped each other find parts and mechanics, evaluate mods and even help with previewing airplanes in their area for sale. Additionally, the site has all the model history by year and 13 pages of available STCs for the PA28s. Interested folks can log onto The Cherokee 235/236 Owners Group site at www.PA28.com.

Dan Michaels
Cherokee 235/236 Owners Group


Super Screens
Further to your article on oil filters and a mention of the Super Screen Solution, I thought that Id tell you about my experience with the ADC screens. Ive owned an M-35 Bonanza since 1989. An ADC oil filter was installed in 1994 rather than a conventional filter because thats what my A&P preferred, having good experience with them with his race car engines as we’ll as being the standard upgrade for his customers.

From my point-of-view, its an excellent item and its easy (and clean) to do oil changes. I can clean the screen and drip less than a teaspoon of oil. The screen seems to be very effective and the warning light is a great idea that served its purpose when I added Microlon additive that loosened every thing up and alerted me to a bypass situation.

Later, as the engine started to consume its camshaft, we had plenty of notice of the problem without having to cut a conventional filter open. In fact, my mechanic claims that the dust from the disintegrating camshaft wouldnt show up in a filter. When I had to park the airplane and do the engine, it wasnt a surprise.

Cost? I don’t recall what it cost to install but regardless of the initial capital cost, it doesnt matter because I don’t have to buy filters and I have no idea what theyre worth. Oil is really cheap so I change it every 25 hours or three months and clean the filter. In summary, the ADC system works well, is effective and its easy and inexpensive to maintain.

Rick Johnson
New Westminster, British Columbia


Canada Charts
One thing you left out in the Cannuck chart article (see Aviation Consumer, October 2004) was the Flight Supplement. Anyone doing more than a flight or two to Canada will need a copy. Its updated on a 56-day basis, I believe, but the information in the FS is generally out of date, so I usually just get one every year. Until recently, you could usually get a free outdated one at a Canadian FSS, but the new national 1-866-WX-BRIEF arrangement closed down most of the on-field FSSs.

Information in the FS includes things like phone numbers to call to find out if the airport still exists, if it allows itinerant pilots, sells fuel (do you have to buy a full drum?), is frequently overrun by moose, has a phone within 5 miles to close your flight plan and so forth. The info in the FS may be wrong, but the phone numbers provided are very helpful … if the fuelers phone is disconnected, don’t count on finding gas.

Also, I find IFR flying in Canada difficult; most of the enroute altitudes over the Rockies are such that a de-iced aircraft is necessary except in the height of summer. And everything is so far apart that you need a gazillion charts to even fly VFR, so I usually get WACs instead of sectionals.

David T. Chuljian


Some Kinda Thread?
You asked for comments on your new look. Body text is definitely more readable; seems to be less crowded. Headlines more readable, but not sure it isn’t because of the bolder type. Same with the cover headlines, theyre bolder and have the advantage of the contrasting blue. Photo reproduction is much better!

Overall, the look and feel is simpler and not as dressed up/ sophisticated, other than the improved photos. That aspect could be both bad and good from a marketing standpoint.

Wayne Plaster
Via e-mail


Palatino, Giovanni, Bertorelli … is there a thread somewhere in this rag?

Vince Massimini
Via e-mail