Queries: 10/02

Fastest Single?
Ive been looking through the archives for this answer. Which single-engine airplane would you consider to be the fastest IFR airplane. I own a 1979 T182RG and Im looking for more speed.

I have considered moving up to a Mooney Bravo as you can get the TKS feature, but is it the fastest?

-Craig Tankersley
Littleton, Colorado

If youre limiting yourself to certified piston airplanes currently in production, the Bravo-a 200-knot plus airplane-is arguably the fastest, if you can stomach the fuel bill. Running a few knots slower is the Beechcraft B36TC.

If new isn’t a must, Rocket Engineerings conversion of the K-model Mooney to a Continental TSIO-520NB will blow the ailerons off both the Bonanza and the TLS. Rocket has been working on another conversion which would use the liquid-cooled TSIOL-550 for yet greater speed.

If youre more sporting, we might suggest the Lancair IV-P, an experimental, with cruise speeds in the 280-knot range in the flight levels.


New Fan Motor?
Where can I get the fan motor replaced in a KA33 cooling fan.

-George Wilson
via e-mail

Larry Anglisano replies: The motor can be purchased through the original manufacturer. Have your avionics shop perform the repair and final test so they can issue the appropriate certification paperwork. The biggest obstacle is removing it from the airplane, a chore within itself. Bench techs at Exxel in Hartford have had good luck restoring these fans to new condition.


A Cheaper Fan?
You made a persuasive case for keeping the avionics stack cool. Not mentioned in the article is why these fans are so expensive. I can buy a cooling fan at the local electronics store that has a fairly powerful computer attached to it for less than some of the fans mentioned in your article.

What am I missing here?

-Rob Housman
Irvine, California

Other than the fact that avionics fans have about a hundred times more volume than computer fans, theyre wired for aircraft voltages, have STCs allowing them to be installed legally and wont drive the local FSDO inspector into apoplexy and will last longer, youre not missing anything.


Alcor TCP?
Is Alcor TCP engine fuel additive a thing of the past? I have been using it for many years with excellent results and am not able to find any place that has it in stock.

Several sources say that they have had it on back order, but are unsure if they will get it back. Do you have any information?

-Tom Kort
via e-mail

As far as we know, Alcor TCP fuel treatment is still available. We found the stuff listed in stock on the Sacramento Sky Ranch Web site for $25 per quart. (Contact 800-433-3564 or www.sacskyranch.com.) Owners tell us its an effective way to reduce lead fouling of spark plugs.