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By now almost everyone in aviation has heard of Garmin’s Emergency Autoland concept. If you missed the flight trial video over on sister publication AVweb it’s worth a look. Generally jaded by new avionics tech, you’ll tell by my expressions in the footage that Garmin’s Autoland is undeniably a remarkably well-executed third layer in what the company calls the Autonomi suite of background automation. More than seven years in the making by a team of hundreds of talented people, after flying with Autoland it’s impossible not to respect Garmin’s achievement, although if anyone can do it, I’d expect Garmin to, given its record for dishing out new products almost daily. But let’s tamp this announcement down some and look beyond the shock, awe and the sappy product advertising clips, shall we? There’s a bigger story that’s getting lost in the celebration—from aircraft sales to insurance matters.
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