Sporty’s PJ2 Radio: Inexpensive VHF

The portable VHF radio market has a quiet backwater, but Sporty's sees sales in a stripped-down, easy-to-use comm-only model.

The SP-400 is ably manufactured by Japan Radio, but for the PJ2, Sporty's found a new vendor called Rexon, a Taiwanese company with a modest line of portable radios, including a VHF aviation model. Because Sporty's didn't like the operating logic of Rexon's off-the-shelf RHP-530, despite its $40 lower retail price, it commissioned Rexon to build a clean-sheet design for its new radio, says Sporty's Doug Ranly. "No one knows about it [RHP-530] because it's not very user friendly. That's one reason we didn't want to sell it because of complications in programming and using it," Ranly says.
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