Who Are These Guys?

Groppo is among a slew of European microlight manufacturers who’ve been plying the market since the early 1980s, long before the U.S. light sport rule was even a thought. Steve Bensinger told us that nearly 100 Trails (or variants) have been built for the European market, where they are called Trials.

Bensinger comes to the Trail with experience marketing another LSA line, which he has since dropped. The U.S. marketing effort can best be described as work in progress. Bensinger says Groppo plans to ship not complete airplanes but boxed kits for assembly in the U.S. That means Bensinger and other dealers Groppo may bring on will have to find a U.S. production facility which, as of press time, had not been finalized.
Our advice is that before committing to a purchase contract, a buyer should query about the status of the production arrangement and gain a clear understanding of delivery promises and warranty support on the aircraft and engine.

Bensinger told us EAB kits can be delivered in a matter of a couple of weeks, but SLSA versions may require up to four months for delivery of completed aircraft.